One Year on Mars! On This Week @NASA


So what can a planetary rover do with a year on Mars? All NASA’s Curiosity rover did was beam back over 190 gigabits of data, more than 36-thousand images and zap 75-thousand-plus laser shots at science targets … and oh by the way, it also completed the mission’s main science goal by finding evidence that life was possible on Mars in the past. The agency celebrated the one year anniversary of Curiosity’s landing on Mars with live events from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory — featuring rover team members. And at NASA Headquarters — a discussion about how Curiosity and other robotic projects are benefitting future human space exploration. Also, Maven Arrives, Garver Leaving NASA, Great Ball of Fire, Supply Ship Arrives Safely, Carbon Copy, The First Barrel Segment and more!

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  1. Hmm. Well, I have many questions. How did you figure it out? What evidence is it based on? How can Martians live with no water, carbon or nitrogen cycles? Why does NASA want to keep it a secret when a scientist who discovered life on Mars would become rich and famous?

  2. life possible as it is on earth today , life on earth may have started in very acidic conditions like that of a volcano , & its known that it took such microbes to produce , an Oxygen rich atmosphere(& sweet water )the terms used here are very misleading & detract from education of the viewer yes the refinement of the water may have been through natural or biological processes ,

  3. I think those photos are taking with more then one camera. Ore more then one camera shot. And then patched together. And then the light made this or dust. But still I dont work there so I can only sit here and guess. But Iam sure occam's razor apply to this.

  4. "Life is possible on Mars". I had reached that conclusion long ago based on the Labeled Release Experiment of 1976. But it would be nice to know if any was there before … for sure, and if it is still there.

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