Restorer of Rome ⚔️ Battles of Aurelian (ALL PARTS)


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🚩 I’m very pleased to have worked with Dr. Byron Waldron on this series. His research and incredible insight into the Crisis of the Third Century made this video possible. The Crisis of the Third Century was one of the darkest periods in Roman history. By 270 AD the empire had practically disintegrated, but emperor Aurelian managed to string an unprecedented series of military victories to restore the Roman Empire.

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📝 Research and Writing by Dr. Byron Waldron

📢 Narrated by David McCallion

🎼 Music, courtesy of EpidemicSound

📝 Sources:

Andrade, N. J. 2018: Zenobia: Shooting Star of Palmyra, New York.

De Blois, L. 2018: Image and Reality of Roman Imperial Power in the Third Century AD: The Impact of War, London.

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  1. As Mike Duncan said on The History of Rome podcast, " Just remember, Aurelian is the Sandy Kofax of Roman Emperors." He's always been my favorite Emperor, followed closely by Trajan.

  2. Hi, historymarche….can you do a documentary about the Philippines and the neighboring asian countries….nothing much is known about the pre-colonial and ancient history. Pleaseee

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