Space debris – a journey to Earth


Space debris – a journey to Earth takes the audience on a journey from the outer solar system back to our home planet. The objects encountered along the way are manmade. Originally designed to explore the universe, these are now a challenge for modern space flight. An estimated number of 700,000 objects larger than 1 cm and 170 million objects larger than 1mm are expected to reside in Earth orbits.

The video gives a closer look at the different regions used for space flight and explains how mitigation and removal measures could preserve future usage of these orbits.

Produced for the 7th European Conference on Space Debris, 18-21 April 2017.

A 3D stereoscopic version of this video is available here:

Follow the conference live via:

Credit: ESA/ID&Sense/ONiRiXEL, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO (

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  1. i wonder if trumps $1.9 billion request will earmark some funds for debris removal. either remote or piloted, controlled pushing/ pulling ,or impact based debris mitigation? im excited to see how this is handled. maybe a magnetic pull or push o.O

  2. 2019 and i am still seeing animations with people describing to me what's being shown.

    I want the raw video footage!

    Until then, if you believe this, then I have a lakeside condo to sell you at the center of the sahara desert.

  3. Maybe this will help with ideas on how not to get the junk into space in the first place?
    One company is starting to address
    this problem. This new way of doing internet and possibly all
    communications is real. There name for those of you that want to see, please
    look up "Airborne Wireless Network" and read. Maybe this will trigger
    some more new ideas as well as being a partial solution on its own???

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