Space Olympics


The International Space Station Expedition 65 crew recorded themselves on a day off after a long week of work having some weightless fun. From Earth orbit, 400 km above our planet, the crew present the very first Space Olympics.

Skip to each event:
0:00 – 00:09 Intro
0:10 – 2:47 Synchronised floating
2:48 – 6:41 Lack-of-floor routine
6:42 – 8:48 No-Handball
8:49 – 9:30 Weightless sharpshooting

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared this video on social media with the caption: “The first ever Space @Olympics! A Saturday afternoon on the International Space Station. Four disciplines. Rules that evolved as we played 😄. Seven athletes. Four nations. Two teams. Crew cohesion and morale boosted like never before. The first Space Olympics saw Team Crew Dragon and Team Soyuz compete in lack-of-floor-routine, no-handball, synchronised space swimming and weightless sharpshooting.”

Over 200 experiments are planned during Thomas’ time in space, with 40 European ones and 12 new experiments led by the French space agency @CNES. Throughout Mission Alpha Thomas is highlighting the parallels between being an astronaut and an athlete: both need to perform at key moments, and train hard to be at their best. Thomas has often said that sport taught him the values of team spirit and respecting team mates, and no astronaut is an island – if one profession is an example of teamwork it is being an astronaut. It takes a team to ensure they are at their best.

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  1. Amazing! Awesome! Thrilling! Thumbs up to both teams Dragon and Soyuz! This is so inspiring! Looking forward to more amazing events aboard ISS! Thrilled to see those flags of the various nations 👌💪👍🇰🇪

  2. Merci ESA for uploading this. CTV Montréal only showed some of the synchronized swimming and the handball sans les mains (which was probably the hardest sport in the Space Olympics). Canadian judges (my parents) thought that Dragon Crew was best in synchronized swimming (Megan M. has the best groove) while Crew Soyuz aced the Gym hors-sol (Pyotor D. was impressive with his steady movement sans touching anything)! Bravo to all the athletes in aboard ISS. My family toasted your achievement with a bottle of bubbly 😉

  3. lol – this is all wrong – not only that they make it without a burden of heavy layer or of toxic make up (not only that thy can close and open their eyes, they can even laugh!) but you cannot distinguish their reproductive organs – they are just havinf fun, without looking either tortured or torturous, no feeling dirty form watching them, no sense of major distress and humiliation – that is no synchronised swimming or female gymnastics

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