Battle Of Mohi, 1241 ⚔️ Mongol Invasion of Europe


Mongol invasion of Europe was swift even by todays standards. In roughly 6 years, Subotai and Batu Khan conquered most of the Russian principalities and then proceeded to invade Central Europe…

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“Dark side” – Rival (
“Drums of the Deep” – Kevin MacLeod (
“Summer Storm” – John Hermanson
“Tension” – Danielle (
“Victory Epic War Music” – Ender Güney (

Main Sources:
David Nicolle – Hungary and the Fall of Eastern Europe
James Chambers – The Devil’s Horsemen
Stephen Turnbull – Genghis Khan & The Mongol Conquests

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  1. mohi báttle I24I = Hungáriá ármy riders vs. mogol ármy riders ! totál Hun winner , mogol ármy retired 3o km, mogol deáth , bátu kán help mogol greát-ármy ögödey kán child-ármy silezián-morává-polánd/ riders/ et kádán kán ármy tránsylvánien/ riders/….Hungáry ármy I/2 …= riders pecheneg-secel von sopron-pozsony-győr retur west-hungáry….tránssylvánien-mádjár ármy secel ….et king-ármy heavy armored lance, et crusáders europe soldieri mohi-city/chariot defenders, mercenaries/… riders pechenegs, báttle győr- bábenberg frigyes swábische ármy

  2. This same army fought, in the 1200s, against Japanese Samurai, the Chinese Armies, Indian tribes, Russian armies and European Knights.

    Most Europeans did not know what life existed outside of their village. For them, the Mongols were like other worldly invaders.

    I'm Romanian, and I've been on a visit to a fortress associated with the Hungarian kingdom, and later Habsburg and Austro Hungarian rule, and which even today flies hungarian flags outside its walls, even though being hundreads of kilometers inside Romania.

    When I heard that it saw battle against the Mongols, I was left speechless

  3. Shame that Vlad Dracula Wasnt born in that time If He was He Would Become Real Legend And A Demon to in Mongol History Stone Books i mean Seriously Our Ancestor was Savage in wars But impaling human beings While they are Still Alive thats another Level of Cruelty ! That shit beats Savagery of High Moral of any man !

  4. Why don't you make Battle of Tours 732 Charles Martel against Abdul Rahman al Gafiqi al Yemeni. This is really interesting or battle of Vercingetorix against Caesar at Alesia. I apreciate your documentaries. Battle of Attila 451 Catalaunian Plains against Flavius Aetius. Battle of French Foreign Legion at Cameron XIXth century. Battles of the arabs in southern France and Arbuna. Conquest of Spain. Battles of the maghiars in Iberian Peninsula!

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