Charlemagne (Part 2/2) ⚔️ The Carolingian Renaissance


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

🎼 Music, courtesy of EpidemicSound

📝 Sources:
“The Carolingian Renaissance” by John G. Contreni (1984)

Charlemagne: The Formation of a European Identity by Rosamond McKitterick (2008)

Lumen Learning – The Rise of Charlemagne (2021)

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  1. Excellent video about charlemagne great French umpire king whom United all.western European territories also published society's to progressing an upgrade in humans movement…video shares by excellent historic channel ( history marches)thanks for sharing

  2. These videos are just beautiful.
    I'd like to see more from African history though. I think you'd do justice to the battles of Tondibi, Oshogbo, Gqokli Hill or the Jihad of Usman dan Fodio.

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