ExoMars 2016 rollout


The Proton rocket that will launch the ExoMars 2016 spacecraft during rollout to the launch pad where it was moved into a vertical position.

Launch is scheduled for 09:31 GMT/10:31 CET on 14 March from Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Watch the launch via the ESA website from 08:30 GMT/09:30 CET: http://www.esa.int

Credit: ESA/Roscosmos/ExoMars

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  1. [01:23] "STOP" sign in the middle of Russia—well, the French have "Franglaise" or 'Frenglish', so, we may suppose it's okay for the Russians to have 'Russinglish' or 'Rhodinglish' or plain 'Amerusskiyan'… But we'd expected at least a "СТОП" sign.

  2. Love the thermal blankets. It's very Jules Verne from a distance. Thought they had it custom painted to look like that. Very uniform,,good work. GO EXO!.

  3. Another very nice video from ESA and another beautiful rocket made in Russia. Proton, Soyuz… they are both lovely. So much work and so much technology inside those fairings!

  4. A message to the Americans and Canadians (and even Englishes) peoples. To me, it's nice to see a "Proton" russian rocket with an "ESA log" on it ! As we are same and not concurrents or competitors even less ennemies, but partners together ! Certainly ! We are all europeans ! As an image i could compare it to "Unites Staters together with Canadians are Americans". Yes… we are so close… because of the Greece (which is in the middle of us all) , has gave the born together to Occidental Europe as well as Russian. Long long time ago. I think today that America has to ear that !

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