Introducing NASA’s NEW Earth System Observatory


NASA is introducing the Earth System Observatory – an array of satellites, instruments and missions that are going to collect a series of critical observations. These observations will better inform us of how our planet is changing with greater precision on unimaginable scales – from entire continents down to individual trees.

Each mission in itself will deliver important environmental measurements. Taken together, as a single Observatory, we will have a holistic, 3-dimensional understanding of our Earth’s systems – how they work together, how one change can influence another.

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Voice Over: Soledad O’Brien
Video Producer: Sonnet Apple
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  1. Funny Nasa is the world largest purchaser of Helium .
    Millions of tons annually.
    Google Nasa Balloon Arrays…

  2. Nice to see you D-bags + Boeing are using the FAA as your henchment to hold SpaceX back ….
    Sad how much you guys get done with all our TAXPAYER $$$'s and Elon puts you all to shame with ZERO …..
    time to do away with this Slush fund …..

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