Overview of Geologic Structures Part 1: Rock Deformation, Stress and Strain


Now that we’ve briefly gone over the history of the Earth, it’s time to look at some different geologic structures that span all those eons. This will require gaining an understanding of rock deformation. We need to discuss the terms stress and strain, as well as Young’s modulus, which describes their relationship. From there we can describe the different types of rock deformation. Let’s go!

Script by Jared Matteucci

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  1. Started with history of earth part 1, I can’t stop now, wish I knew your channel long before
    The best content, best language, very good audio quality, and super informative pictures, videos and charts.
    Wish you all the best

  2. Uniformitarianistism versus Catastrophism.
    The real question is how catastrophic global floods occured to produce 6 main sedimentary strata mega-sequences.
    Scripture claims just one global flood.
    C14 in coal and diamonds.
    Human relics inside coal.
    Bent strata to the extent that uniformitarianistism can't explain. (Don't say heat and pressure, because that would cause metamorphosis)

    If I were you, I suggest you start trusting God's Word and put your faith in Jesus

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