Charlemagne (Part 1/2) ⚔️ The Rise


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

🎼 Music, courtesy of EpidemicSound

📝 Sources:
“The Carolingian Renaissance” by John G. Contreni (1984)

Charlemagne: The Formation of a European Identity by Rosamond McKitterick (2008)

Lumen Learning – The Rise of Charlemagne (2021)

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  1. At 13:58 it states that the Pope believes he has implicit superiority over the emperor. But this is not the case.
    The understanding was that the Pope had supremacy over spiritual matters and the Emperor had supremacy over earthly matters.
    That is why, if I am not mistaken, the Emperor kneels before the Pope to be crowned but after he is crowned the Pope bows to him.

  2. Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Judaism etc has done so much damage to our world over the last 2000 years. Two thousand years of nothing but mumbo jumbo bullshit has caused the deaths of MILLIONS of the worlds finest people. And now, the tiny minority of the so called 'elite' are coming for us all. We have learned nothing.

  3. You forgot to include that the Papacy cannot compel the Byzantine counterpart from being Roman emperors because the Papacy has no power over the Orthodox church even during their times or just before the permanent separation between Catholic and Orthodox churches during the great schism. Furthermore, they were already separated since 431 AD by practice. So, a western emperor would just like in 398 AD split when they started to have two emperors in the east and in the west.

  4. Charlemagne was crown emperor of the Romans, taking the title of the Western Roman Empire. But the Holy Roman Empire was born centuries later under the saxon dynasty of Otto Ist.

  5. I find it equally fascinating that the title Magnus – Charlemagne comes from "Carolus Magnus" in Latin, "Charles the Great" – has survived since antiquity (i.e. Pompeius Magnus, Caesar's rival in the Roman civil war) as I found it disappointing that Charlemagne wasn't just a really cool name.

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